As leaders in presentation management, Cineplex Events sought to promote its movie theatres as a unique venue option for meeting planners to hold corporate events. To accomplish this, Cineplex organized Transformative Meeting Technology — a half day educational brand experience in its theatre space. The nationwide event would include a presentation from Futurist and Digital Strategist Jesse Hirsch, a panel discussion from experts in the industry, and an interactive demonstration from partner World Gaming.


A crucial element to Transformative Meeting Technology would be the showcasing of multiple theatres across the country, even in real time. To achieve this, Cineplex trusted Freeman — its official audio visual partner — to execute solutions that would extend its event reach to various locations across the country from a single theatre. These audio video capabilities would also serve to enhance the theatre’s atmosphere to create a more immersive experience for audiences.


Freeman leveraged the latest in live streaming tech, seamlessly broadcasting the live presentation to four Cineplex theaters across the country. Due to the time differences out West, we recorded the live stream for an on-demand viewing at the appropriate local time for Vancouver. To enhance the live stream experience, we provided a comprehensive audio visual suite that included additional stage wash and LED lights inside spandex set pieces to augment the existing technology Cineplex utilized in the theatres.


The Transformative Meeting Technology event was a morning full of engaging content and innovative technology. Each location became its own mini trade show, every foyer featuring Cineplex partners and a demonstration of 360° video and Google VR cardboards. Over 500 attendees participated in the live streamed event across all six locations, experiencing the same brand experience from the comfort of their own city without a technical issue.

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