As a premier brand exemplifying the spirit of an entire nation, Air Canada knew that an effective rebranding needed to be national, dignified celebration. For the culmination of this ambitious marketing campaign, the company planned a public unveiling that showcased for the first time its new-look aircraft and staff uniforms. The brand reveal would transpire simultaneously in three cities: Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver — to eager audiences that included employees, family members, corporate clients and the media, intimately experiencing together the company’s spanning esthetic transformation.


This challenge saw Air Canada trusting in not only the innovative audio visual solutions of Freeman, but also our logistic expertize to execute a theatric “Kabuki Reveal,” where the three newly-branded airplanes would be presented to the country by the simultaneous dropping of massive drapes. Beyond harnessing our skills in producing high-visibility, nationwide events, we would need to leverage a suite of cutting-edge lighting tech to transform the gray ambiance of a hangar storing each airplane, paired with the best video tech to present selected Air Canada content to audiences.


Before the dramatic reveal, we projected a corporate video on the fabric of the 40’ by 200’ drapes covering each of the three aircrafts. Then came the synchronized and elegant dropping of each drape in the three cities to reveal the rebranded logos and colors on the airplanes. The electric atmosphere was bolstered by invigorating lighting and six strategically-placed, high-quality kiosks displaying videos of the new staff uniforms. For the reveal to transpire at the exact second, our teams worked closely at each location, followed a precise script, and constantly communicated to guarantee logistics aligned perfectly.


The Air Canada brand reveal was a huge, immersive success, vividly unveiling the company’s new look in all three cities to eager crowds and the press. Air Canada’s multimedia manager stated proudly, “This event was one of those situations where we said because of the complexity, because of the scope and scale of it, we needed a company that had that experience. That’s what’s great about Freeman.”

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