The Canadian Innovation Conference brings together over 400 meeting professionals and suppliers across Canada for a two-and-a-half-day event — focusing on the latest innovations, trends, and technology in the meetings and events industry. Due to the strength of the program, PCMA CIC felt it needed to highlight several committed partners, destinations, and award winners on top of an already robust educational schedule.


With such a considerable amount of information scheduled to reach attendees in a limited amount of time, PCMA tapped into the cutting-edge audio visual capabilities of Freeman. The execution and creative packaging of content would require us to leverage the latest in video production and storytelling solutions to deliver targeted, memorable messages during and after the event.


Sponsors were given the option of submitting their own videos or having Freeman produce them onsite. These visual stories were highlighted in compelling narratives throughout the event —including a well-received holistic-health video for PCMA. Additionally, we produced a series of elegant shorts that played from start to finish to showcase the event destination — one example being a clip featuring Newfoundlander dialect with locals — as well as a wrap-up video summarizing the experience that could be used for future PCMA promotion.


The visual storytelling at PCMA CIC were lauded by the audiences throughout the event, serving as entertaining promotional and educational tools. Post-event, the videos continued to tell their story through online circulation by both the event organizers and select partners. One PCMA CIC chapter president stated that we artistically captured and expressed the desired themes and visions of the event and its sponsors — as well as that of the St. John local culture — taking the conference’s video content to the next level.

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