Transform Your Event With One Simple Word…

By May 11, 2015 April 21st, 2016 FreemanXP, Interesting Articles, Meeting Planners

By: Anne Houghton, VP, Experience Design,

How experience design generates meaning and real business results

Truly engaging a customer is magical. It’s transformative. It’s how you go from like to love and from “nice to have” to “must have” in the eyes of the customer. So how do you create an experience that is magical?

Start with one simple word: Why?

Why would someone attend your event? Experience design begins and ends with an intimate understanding of the attendee’s needs and expectations for the event. Make sure you know your audience inside and out. What will make them feel that they have been heard? Which of your tools and services set them up for success? What information do they already have?

These insights inform your business and event strategy. Strategy informs the message flow, and ultimately how to deliver each piece of the message along the journey. Every element of your experience (event, tradeshow booth, etc.) must ladder up to the event’s overarching message and ultimately your organization’s business objectives.

By translating business and marketing strategies into the three-dimensional elements of your event, you can intrinsically tell a story that revolves around your audience. How the actual physicality of the environment – from structures, space, and lighting to objects, color, and textures – comes together sends a message. And how the audience actually moves throughout the space does as well. The practice of experience design guides the attendee down a well-cultivated pathway and ultimately determines exactly what the audience will feel, know, and do.

And that is when the magic happens.

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