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Freeman AV Canada Establishes Partnership with Fox Harb’r Resort

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Halifax, Friday, November 8, 2019 – Freeman AV Canada is excited to announce a new partnership with Fox Harb’r Resort in Wallace, Nova Scotia, becoming their primary partner for audio visual services. This partnership will provide meeting planners hosting events at the luxury Fox Harb’r Resort with a one-stop shop for all of their event technology needs.

“We are thrilled to have solidified this partnership with Fox Harb’r Resort,” said Freeman AV Canada Atlantic Canada General Manager, Hélène Moberg. “Fox Harb’r Resort’s luxury and East Coast charm bring a multitude of meetings and events that we are excited to help support from a technology perspective”.

By creating this partnership, Freeman AV Canada and Fox Harb’r Resort will be able to better serve their existing client needs. Both are set to make their mark on the meeting and events industry through helping clients create memorable experiences for their audiences. While Freeman is the primary partner, the agreement is not exclusive, providing clients with choice.

About Freeman Audio Visual Canada
Freeman Audio Visual Canada (Freeman AV Canada) uses the power of technology to make meaningful connections with a multitude of audiences through the production of meetings, conventions, special events and trade shows. Freeman AV Canada provides a full range of services to support the way audiences engage with content as the landscape continues to change. With a deep, rich history of success, Freeman AV Canada has received numerous awards recognizing its outstanding performance in technical, staging, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, customer service excellence and partnerships. Together with its customers and partners, Freeman AV Canada will continue to serve clients throughout North America and the rest of the world through its growing global network. For more information, visit

About Fox Harb’r Resort

Fox Harb’r Resort is East Coast Canada’s landmark Oceanside destination for custom events, meetings and incentives. Think beyond the boardroom box with 13,000 sq. feet of distinctive indoor venues ranging from classic to luxe lodge and blank slate. Take it outside to terraces overlooking the dramatic Atlantic shoreline. Unwind in Canada Select 5-Star and CAA / AAA 4 Diamond rated, residential style, all-suite accommodations. Enjoy true farm-to-table and pond-to-plate cuisine, including Nova Scotia’s famous lobster, oysters, scallops and clams. Play championship golf where Tiger Woods holds the course record, and stars of sports and politics get their game on. At Fox Harb’r, it’s easy to fill any kind of agenda with unmatched on-site activities and teambuilding, including an NSCA competition certified sporting clay shooting range, sea kayaking and horseback riding. Of course, you’ll also find an indoor pool, fitness centre, tennis and full-service spa here.

Beyond a spectacular location, what makes Fox Harb’r unique is that it’s big enough to offer first-class, luxury variety and small enough to provide truly personalized attention. Our proven sample itineraries and turn-key themed events also make it simple to plan any kind of event or incentive, stress-free. We’ll introduce you to all kinds of Nova Scotia surprises, like a thriving winery scene on the same latitude as Bordeaux, and the warmest water beaches north of the Carolinas. Just ask what Fox Harb’r can do for you and your group.

NOTE: Fox Harb’r is also very easy to reach, with two-hour flights from major cities on the East Coast and a scenic under 90-minute drive from two international airports, plus the resort’s own on-site 5,000 ft. fully serviced airstrip.

PSAV Completes its Acquisition of Encore Event Technologies

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Two companies unite to jointly serve a global customer base

October 15, 2019 10:00 ET | Source: PSAV
Schiller Park, Ill., Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PSAV announced today that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Encore Event Technologies. PSAV and Encore, both global leaders in event experiences and production services, combine their deep expertise and shared commitment to be an invaluable global partner for the meeting industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“The combination of Encore and PSAV is monumental for the industry and all who rely on us for their event experience needs. It provides us with the ability to expand our capabilities and footprint in order to better serve our collective meeting planner customers and valued venue partners,” said Mike McIlwain, CEO of PSAV. “The Encore team is very much aligned to our purpose, mission and values, and I am confident our expanded team will exceed our own expectations when it comes to helping our customers achieve their meeting and event goals.”

Bob Priest-Heck, Chief Executive Officer of The Freeman Company, said, “This divestiture is an important milestone and will allow Freeman to invest deeper in our broad competencies in brand and event strategy, world-class creative, event technology, digital and logistics. The combination of Encore and PSAV creates tremendous opportunities for Encore to accelerate its growth and provide enhanced value to its clients, partners and world-class team. We wish our Encore colleagues continued success as part of PSAV moving forward.”

Encore has a long and distinguished history dedicated to helping create high-impact meetings and live events for the hospitality industry. Encore operates as an in-house partner to some of the world’s leading resorts, hotels and casinos, as well as a creative production company for clients around the world.

PSAV has an equally impressive history that includes more than 80 years as a global leader in event experiences. Its extensive footprint and menu of capabilities have effectively served its customers across the globe.

About PSAV®

PSAV is a global leader in event experiences, providing creative, production, advanced technology and staging services to help meeting professionals deliver more dynamic and impactful experiences at their meetings, trade shows and events. The team consists of more than 10,000 professionals across 1,600 on-site venue locations and 49 branch offices within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. It is the trusted partner and on-site provider of choice at leading venues worldwide. PSAV was recently named to the Forbes 2019 America’s Best Employer list. The company is headquartered in Schiller Park, Ill.

About Encore Event Technologies

Encore is a leading global provider of audiovisual, event technology, staging and production services. Encore serves as the in-house provider at more than 500 hotels, casinos, conference centers and resorts in North America and Asia Pacific. Encore Productions, the production division of Encore Event Technologies, is a full-service creative production company helping clients tell their stories around the world. For more information, visit, and

Bob Niersbach

Should You Create Content In-House or Outsource It?

Should You Create Content In-House or Outsource It?

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Successful business and events professionals understand how critical it is to create good content. Whether that content exists on the company website or in the form of a promotional event, one thing is certain: High-quality content has the ability to generate leads, motivate customers and ultimately increase profits.

The big question many businesses ask, however, is whether this content should be created in-house or outsourced. Unless your company has a team dedicated to producing material, consider having this crucial initiative handled by a reputable agency instead.

If you’re unsure whether outsourcing is right for your business, read on to understand the benefits of delegating this important task to creative experts.

  1. Fresh perspective
  2. One of the pitfalls of handling content in-house is that the team tasked with creating it may be feeling beleaguered. Because many of them will have been exposed to the company’s products and services for years, a fresh perspective is often necessary to generate new ideas.

    Even though fostering company culture is beneficial for team-building and camaraderie, it can certainly take a hit on creativity. When you bring in an outside graphic designer or video editor, you’re working with someone outside of your company culture. This means they can tackle your project with a clear, unbiased mind — and come up with new concepts your office never would’ve imagined.

  3. Real expertise
  4. By hiring an outside company to produce your content, you’re bringing on the services of an expert in this field. A motion graphics designer, for example, has a deep understanding of today’s aesthetic trends. This person will then be able to apply these trends to your company’s marketing event.

    The point to understand is that there’s a defining line between production for print media and production for live events. Depending on the medium in which your content will exist, hiring the right professional for that particular medium is vital. By outsourcing, you’ll be able to tap into unique technologies that can bring your content to the next level.

  5. Clarity
  6. The danger in producing content in-house is that your team may have difficulty breaking away from company jargon. Professional copywriters can help you pare down complex business language into simple phrases that resonate with customers.

    A clear message doesn’t have to exist in just copy. By outsourcing your content, you can optimize these messages for a variety of mediums. Spread your company’s mission through highly-produced interview segments, PowerPoint presentations or interactive displays.

  7. Experience in the field
  8. Practical experience in the field is particularly helpful if you want content that goes beyond print media. Producing material for multimedia platforms and creating interactive worlds from scratch are sophisticated endeavours. At Freeman AV, our creative department often relies on the expertise of our former event technicians. This gives us the advantage of understanding the technology used and how to correctly export media to ensure success. By relying on us for content, not only will you receive a solid technical foundation for your project — but also on-site support on the day of your marketing event.

    Before committing to an in-house project, consider outsourcing your next initiative to a company like ours. Our friendly team of content creation experts can help you design and implement a marketing experience that will captivate your target audience. Allow us to transform your venue with interactive LED walls or stunning projection mapping technology. Lighting design, staging support and video production are just some of the other services offered here.

For more information on content creation, call us at 1-800-868-6886 or contact us here.

How to Decide on the Best Holographic Effect for Your Event

How to Decide on the Best Holographic Effect for Your Event

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Holographic effects are an innovative way for audiences to consume content. We know holograms best from Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and Iron Man. But did you know these stunning visual effects can also be simulated at your next event?

Event technology companies continue to develop the technology and expertise needed to captivate your audiences in new ways and one of the latest methods is through the use of holographic effects. Here are some reasons to consider this dynamic imaging option for your next marketing initiative:

  • Grab their attention: Holograms instantly attract attendees attention due to their “unique” appearance, and will put the focus on your message/brand allowing you to stand out in a busy or distracting environment
  • Unreal possibilities: Holographic presentations allow your audience to virtually see objects on stage that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be presented in a stage/show environment
  • Memorable experience: Holograms can create a lasting effect on customers, inspiring them to take action and socially share your content, message and brand

When done right, these visual images can enhance your event space and allow people to interact with your brand on a whole other level. But in order to choose the right holographic effect for your project, it’s best to understand how holograms are created. It also helps to understand aesthetic trends, and why some effects are more powerful than others.

How do holograms work?

There are several ways to create a holographic effect in your event space and choosing the right method for your space is critical for the success of the effect. Factors such as ambient light, audience viewing angle, the content or message and your budget are huge determining elements that need to be considered prior to choosing the effect that is right for your event.

In order for your audience to see your holographic effect you need a surface for the projected light to interact with. This is because we do not see light directly, we see the reflection of light off of an object or surface. The chosen surface can be a sheet of glass with a film applied, a semi-transparent scrim material or a clear film suspended at a very precise angle to act as a two-way mirror. Each of these methods produces a different level of holographic effect and the right technique will depend on your content and event environment.

When are holograms most effective?

Whether you manage a world-class brand or boutique communications firm, holographic effects can make an impact at your next event. The consensus seems to be that holograms look great at tradeshows, big-stage gatherings and inside retail windows. Holograms are most effective in larger spaces because the distance is what makes an image appear solid, further lending to its realism.

If your company is trying to convey sophisticated product features, holographic effects are an excellent choice. It’s no secret that consumers have very short attention spans. But holograms have the ability to engage people for longer periods of time. By showcasing your offerings through a visually-stunning medium, your audience will pay attention long enough to process the information. Consumers will forget momentarily that they’re being marketed to, giving them a chance to interact freely with your brand.

In what scenarios can holograms be applied?

The audience, no matter where they are, will respond positively to exciting visual presentations that are aesthetically-stimulating. Although holograms often feature one large object or character, this engaging effects can be used to convey all sorts of concepts. For example, holograms can be used by keynote speakers to present information in unique ways — without relying on the traditional PowerPoint presentation.

Here are some fantastic ways in which this innovative technology has been used:

Why choose us to create your next hologram?

Freeman AV features an expert team of event professionals that are dedicated to ensuring your next event is a success. If you’re looking for a truly sensational holographic effect with a huge impact, rely on Freeman AV. We believe in helping our clients connect with their audiences in meaningful ways and we do this by helping our clients discover the perfect technology and/or medium to effectively deliver their important message.

For more information on holograms, call us at 1-800-868-6886 or contact us here.

Projection mapping for events

How to Use Projection Mapping at Your Next Event

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Projection mapping can turn any event into an immersive, unforgettable experience. Whether you want to “wow” your crowd, capture their imagination, or showcase your next new product, projection mapping will ensure every person in the room is engaged in your presentation. From large sporting events and music festivals to keynote speeches and corporate events, this innovative technology is the future of event hosting.

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is the process of projecting a video onto an object to create a visual effect. This video software renders 2D and 3D graphics of the object it is projected on to create a moving video that appears to interact with the shape of the object. A blend of artistic ability, technological savviness, and video prowess, projection mapping can be used to enhance virtually any presentation, art creation, or social event, and the possibilities are virtually limitless. Here are four ways you can utilize projection mapping at your next event:

  1. Interactive Art Installations
  2. One of the most famous representations of projection mapping is the series of artistic designs projected onto the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The dazzling artistic creations are projected on the remarkable structure, creating a visual effect that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

    There are countless examples of the interactive ability of digital projection mapping. Musicians use projection mapping to create visuals live on stage during a show, resulting in an immersive, cinema-like experience that complements the bands’ movement on stage. Other artists have used projection mapping software to create interactive visual effects on billiards tables, causing rippling effects each time a ball hit another ball or the rail. With the vast amount of intuitive projection mapping software being developed for everyday use, this technology will definitely become a staple in art installations at large events.

  3. Panoramic Backdrops

  4. Whether you are hosting a dinner for 200 wedding guests or you are performing a sold-out show, projection mapping can enhance the event with striking visuals. Your 200 wedding guests could enjoy a meal while sitting in the middle of a peaceful autumn forest. Alternatively, you could opt for a dazzling fireworks show or an aquarium.

    Projection mapping software can capture the details of a 2D wall and project a moving video on to it, creating a stunning backdrop that feels and looks real. The detail is of the highest quality, making your guests feel like their environment is authentic and creating a memorable experience for everyone present.

  5. Immerse your Audience

  6. For absolute immersion, consider 3D projection mapping. It involves projecting a video onto the surface of a 3D object, which requires the mapping software to adjust the video representation to account for the angles and shape of the object. This can create 3D projections in which the viewer can interact and respond, and it can be customized entirely for ultimate control over the visuals.

    Consider an auto manufacturing company releasing their latest cutting-edge model. This company could project a 3D version of their newest product into the middle of a room, allowing all of their attendees to see a 3D image of the vehicle that looks real. They can then create real-life environments — muddy roads, steep hills, or empty highways — and project the vehicle driving through these situations, allowing them to showcase its abilities in a more captivating fashion compared to traditional video. The immersive experience is sure to be unforgettable.

  7. Visual Aids

  8. Beyond artistic expression and presenting real-life, 3D images in an immersive fashion, projection mapping can also be used for simple visual aids. Keynote speakers and guest lecturers can use intuitive projection mapping software to create dazzling interactive presentations. These presentations can blend elements of photographs, videos, audio, and present data in a way that is easy for the audience to see and understand, regardless of the size of the auditorium.

    Visual aids can spark audience engagement and make the presentation much more exciting, which will ensure the message is received by the crowd. Projection mapping utilizes intuitive software that can be used in real-time to direct the visuals for precise effects, putting the presenter in full control over the visuals. With a wide variety of effects available — multiple screens, side-by-side projections, synchronized audio-visual components, user-activated cues — projection mapping technology is the ultimate visual aid for any presentation. With a team of custom designers and artists, the possibilities are endless.

Why Us?

At Freeman AV, we’re dedicated to making sure your event is an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. Our creative team has the skills and expertise needed to create a blend of interactive features and audio-visual elements that will spark engagement and capture your audience. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and then create a strategy for maximum interaction and engagement. With an all-encompassing social media strategy and complete immersion into your digital concept, this custom event will help support your brand and drive long-term results in your space.

For more information about our custom audio-visual presentations and how we can help you bring your concept to life, call Freeman AV at 1-800-868-6886 or visit our website here.

New trends in event technology

Wow-Worthy Trends in Event Technology

By | Event Trends

From corporate conventions to music and arts festivals, crowds keep getting bigger. Fortunately, technology is keeping up with the trend. Over the last few years, there have been massive steps forward in technology to offer an intimate experience to every single individual in a crowd of thousands. Bands on stage have massive productions, and sophisticated light shows armed with lasers, holograms, projections, and backing screens, so every single person in the crowd can feel like they are right on stage. 

The truth is that any event — from a corporate presentation or a product launch to a conference with 100,000 people — can have this kind of technology and this “wow-factor.” Here are a few “wow” worthy trends coming up in the tech scene that will revolutionize the event space:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence isn’t new to the event space landscape, but the leaps technology has made — even in the last few months — has transformed it into a key feature in recent events. It may even be the future of modern events. AI technology can recognize even the most subtle patterns in data and interpret in a streamlined, efficient way. These results can then be used to automate tasks, improving the efficiency of your entire event. 

    For example, imagine a networking event in the tech space with 50,000 attendees. AI technology could analyze a series of data — whether it be from a survey on the app, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, or information collected during the sign-up process — and use this information to streamline the practical aspects of the conference. From planning the logistical requirements to matching attendees with others who share a specific interest or connection, this technology could revolutionize how events are planned and operated. This AI technology can have massive benefits for the venue, the host, and every single attendee at a fraction of the expense of an operations team.

  • Facial-recognition technology

  • When people think of facial recognition technology, they are often more scared than excited. While there are risks of this kind of technology being used to compromise the privacy of ordinary people, it can also be used to enhance our understanding of how people think, feel, and interact. Imagine being able to tell which opening line for your presentation has a more powerful impact on the crowd of 5,000 individuals. Facial recognition technology can be used to provide real-time monitoring of the emotions of people in a crowd. It can also be used to take accurate results from a survey quickly and efficiently. As attendees give their answers, regardless of what they are saying, facial recognition technology will be able to identify their true feelings based on a vast amount of data. 

    One example of practical facial recognition tech is the app Photier. Upon downloading the app at an event, attendees take a selfie. The facial recognition technology in the app is connected with the photographers, who are taking pictures live throughout the conference. Every photo taken at the event is filtered through the app, and Photier instantly connects individual photographs with each person it recognizes in the frame. From uploading pictures to social media to making sure everyone at the event gets a copy of the photographs taken, this app is practical and convenient. Not only will this kind of technology help spark engagement and participation at corporate events or during team-building exercises, but it’s even great for sharing photos at weddings and private parties.

  • Projection technology

  • Projection technology will soon become a household feature, and it is already revolutionizing the event space. With massive screens, crystal-clear projections, and stunning special effects, projections can make your conference or event feel more like a movie on the big screen. In a practical sense, projections controlled by a tablet or smart device can add intuitive features to the presentation. Not only will this increase audience engagement, but it will create an unforgettable experience that is sure to keep your ideas top-of-mind. Whether you need to spice up a small-screen presentation or want an epic backdrop for your keynote speaker, custom projection technology can create a visual experience that will immerse your audience in the world of whatever is on screen.

  • 5G 

  • Regardless of what kind of event you are hosting, bringing tens of thousands of people to a small community can wreak havoc on the local cell signal. 5G technology for events will make “bad internet” a problem of the past. Consider the difference between current 4G technology (when your cell phone isn’t on WiFi) and the previous 3G technology. From dropped calls and spotty cell signals to slow-loading videos, 3G is simply archaic compared to the speed and efficiency of 5G. Not only will widespread 5G change the event space, but it might also even change the world. Regardless of your location, you will have access to a perfect cell signal that allows you to browse the web, watch live videos, or scroll through multiple apps without any delay. 

Why Us?

At Freeman AV, we’re dedicated to making sure your event is an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. Our creative team has the skills and expertise needed to create a blend of interactive features and audio-visual elements that will spark engagement and capture your audience. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and then create a strategy for maximum interaction and engagement. With an all-encompassing social media strategy and complete immersion into your digital concept, this custom event will help support your brand and drive long-term results in your space. 

For more information about our custom audio-visual presentations and how we can help you bring your concept to life, call Freeman AV at
1-800-868-6886 or visit our website here

2019 Sustainable Event Trends in Event Technology

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You could say the quest for sustainability has touched all industries at one point or another. The event industry is no different in that organizers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From outdoor festivals to interactive exhibits, companies are increasingly opting for eco-friendly solutions.

When it comes to event technology, Freeman AV Canada is making a conscious effort to offer sustainable experiences. From digital banners to virtual reality headsets, there are many ways to deliver an exciting experience that has little to no impact on the environment. So let’s take a look at some of the biggest sustainability trends to hit the industry this year.

Digital Banners

From flyers to posters, there’s no doubt the amount of paper used to promote an event. That’s why many organizers are looking to digital solutions instead. Digital banners are an excellent alternative to hard-copy signage. This innovative marketing tactic is much more versatile than a traditional banner. A digital backdrop not only saves on paper and printing costs — but allows event organizers to create an impressive visual display that will captivate their guests.

Digital banners work well when they’re incorporated into your stage’s set design. You can also display them prominently along venue walls for a truly immersive experience. Freeman AV Canada can help you capture your event’s theme and messaging in a series of digital banners. This medium is also ideal for sponsorship loops, corporate branding or animated content.

Mobile Event Apps

Hard-copy event itineraries are becoming less popular as organizers look for paperless solutions instead. One of the best ways to share information with your attendees is through a mobile app. Freeman AV Canada has the expertise to help planners build an app that all guests can tap into on the day of the event.

A mobile app is an eco-friendly way to provide venue directions, share event photos or notify attendees of special highlights ahead. This paperless solution also allows organizers to make last-minute changes to information and send out updates in real-time.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headsets are promoting sustainability by cutting down on the need for physical transportation. That’s because these innovative devices can send your guests to far-off places, which would have been otherwise inaccessible. VR’s popularity comes at a time when event planners are debating whether virtual experiences would replace face-to-face interactions. Although many companies still prefer in-person gatherings, VR can be used as an intriguing side component.

Virtual reality headsets can place attendees in an alternative state where they can experience interesting situations. By immersing the user in a 360-degree view of entirely different worlds, organizers are giving users an opportunity to interact with the environment in a very sustainable way.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is an excellent way to incorporate sustainability during an event. Keep your travel footprint low by allowing guests to watch the gathering online or on a projector at a remote location. By keeping the in-person guest list down, organizers can opt for a smaller venue, which will help reduce the event’s overall carbon footprint. Live streaming also allows for digital advertising, which will dramatically reduce paper waste and provides an additional revenue source for your event.

Energy-Efficient Technology

Event technology devices tend to consume a lot of energy, especially when it comes to interactive displays. That’s why the industry is turning to event technology with energy-efficient components. LED lighting, for example, is becoming increasingly popular — as is the use of daylight instead of artificial light to brighten a venue. Preference is also given to Energy Star products, especially when it comes to sound and stage equipment. Set-up crews are also turning down lighting levels during the event’s setup and tear-down phases.

Be ‘Green’ with Freeman 

Our friendly team of event technology experts can help you design and implement an event that has little to no impact on the environment. Conservation and reduction initiatives are an excellent way to drive profits. By showing customers that you care about the social impacts of your company’s actions, doors may open to new clients and opportunities.

Rely on Freeman AV Canada to deliver technology solutions that are responsible and motivated. Together, we can help the event industry raise its ecological-consciousness — and bring consumers a truly sustainable experience.

For more information on sustainable event technology, call Freeman AV Canada at 1-800-868-6886 or contact us here.

Empathy, Emotion and Technology with Purpose…For the Win!

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A Look at the 2019 Edition of South by Southwest in Austin, Texas

When people hear South By Southwest mentioned, they typically think of the music festival founded in 1987, however over its 30+ years, it has grown to encompass many more attractions than just the grass-roots music festival that it was once intended to be. Also known as “South By,” SXSW now includes an interactive media conference, a huge variety of education sessions and music, gaming and film festivals. Lasting for almost 3 weeks, South By sees nearly 80,000 people attend the various conferences and festivals, also bringing nearly $350 million dollars of economic impact to Austin, Texas.

Several members of our Freeman AV Canada team traveled down to Austin, Texas in March to see what South By had to offer, and here are some key things that stood out!

Focused on Improving the Attendee Experience

As conventions and festivals grow in size they often develop a detached feeling for the individual attendee, and rightfully so; how do you create an individual and personal experience for each person when dealing with 80,000+ attendees?

South By has employed several empathy tactics to help connect with attendees on a personal level. Creating spaces such as a Wellness Areas, focusing on attendee’s safety through the use of holding graphics in sessions and implementing live breakout room capacity monitoring via public boards and the conference app are all fantastic ways to show your attendees that you really are thinking about their experience.

The Future Understands You 

Several major technology players including LG and Sony were showcasing futuristic concepts that can actually understand what you are feeling. Whether it is small robots that greet you while reading your facial expressions to understand your needs, or a mini robot dog that can really tug on our need for companionship and do it strategically 😉, it’s all exciting to us! Then we got thinking, and these questions arose:

  • What will this mean for events of the future?
  • Will we have event signage that customizes messages based on your feelings and needs?
  • Will we have event experiences that change based on the collective heart rate of the audience?
  • Can you imagine the possibilities?

Let us know how you see this fitting into your event!

Something For Everyone 

South By can certainly say they have something for everyone, with nearly 300 sessions per day, variety is in no short supply. Fortunately, the conference app allows you to search by things like interests to help focus on what applies directly to you. Smart event planning also meant that most sessions in the same track resided in the same or adjacent venues. This allowed you to maximize your time especially when sessions are held in basically every venue in the city. Some of the key tracks that our team focused on where: Cities, Government & Politics, Coding & Development, Design, Experiential Storytelling, Food, Game Design & Development, Intelligent Future, Social & Global Impact, Tech Industry & Enterprise, Touring & Live Experience and VR/AR/MR.

Standing Out – Brands Creating Their Own Spaces

Major brands are always looking for that way to make them stand out from the crowd. Over the last several years the tool for this has been activations, and South By was no exception to this. From shipping container structures, to bars completely transformed into a brand experience space – these installations truly do provide a unique personalized experience that focus directly on the brands defining traits and characteristics.

Some highlights for our team were the Dell installation at a bar across the street from the Austin Convention Centre, featuring an outdoor main stage and an indoor Dell feature tour showcasing some of their key technologies.

LG also made a big splash at South By, but perhaps we won’t see the ripple from the splash for a few years as their activation was VERY future focused. Robots that know your feelings, roll-up LED displays, ice cream/frozen yogurt capsule machines and even capsule based home breweries; LG certainly took us for a quick ride in a time machine to the maybe not so distant future. We even noticed several brands create impactful, personal activations right in the convention space and we see this as a great opportunity for a lot of our corporate clients looking to get a personalized message across to their attendees in a more personalized manner than typical plenary setups can offer.

DELL Technologies Activation

LG Electronics Activation

The common threads of Empathy, Emotion, Personalized Experience and Technology with a Purpose were evident in all aspects of this show. What can you do to create a more personalized experience within your next event? Understanding who comes to your event and why they are there are key factors to help you tailor your event to meet your attendees needs and wants. Taking the time to plan out the details, brainstorm them with your colleagues and/or industry partners will help you focus on what’s important. Creating those personalized experiences provides better value and meaningful interactions from live events for your attendees. So we ask you, “are you helping connect people in meaningful ways?”

Brian Johnston
Freeman Audio Visual Canada
National Director, Creative Innovation

What is PepperScrim?

By | Freeman Audio Visual Products & Services

Untethering lighting designers from limited holographic systems, PepperScrim is now one of the most popular fabrics designed for use on stage. For set designers and lighting teams throughout the entertainment industry, PepperScrim is changing the way in which shows are staged, and providing audiences with a completely new, ultra-realistic holographic experience. In this latest post, we’ll explain more about PepperScrim and its value within the industry.

A Foldable, Transparent Gauze

PepperScrim is now being used throughout the entertainment industry to provide audiences with unparalleled show experience. The transparent gauze material can be added to any performance to show holographs and present unique lighting effects on stage. The material is placed at the front of the stage at an angle to the audience. The images reflected on the gauze appear to be on the stage from the audience’s perspective. And because PepperScrim is designed to be highly reflective, there are no double-image or image refraction issues that might mitigate the effect.

The Potential Applications

One of the most exciting elements of working with PepperScrim in your production is the endless potential the material has for entertaining audiences. For example, it can be used in the following ways:

  • To create 3D floating animations

    You can use PepperScrim to create 3D floating animations that look as if they’re moving with the action on the stage. The floating animations have no clear connection to outside technology from the audience’s perspective, truly providing an immersive show experience.

  • Interaction between the artist and the 3D content

    Because of the way PepperScrim is created, the artist on stage can actually interact with the 3D projections, helping boost the value of the illusion to the audience. The projection of the image can be moved along with the artist’s movements to give directors a sense of control over the result. One of the key benefits of this is to keep the audience closely engaged in the content.

  • Projections can surround the artist

    While other holographic systems have projections that can be placed above the artist’s head, the PepperScrim system is designed to be truly immersive for the audience, and so it appears as if the person on-stage is completely surrounded by holographic content. This is ideal, for example, when you are creating a production for a children’s show, and you wish to inspire wonder and amazement in your young audience. Imagine the reaction of the audience when the lead character is surrounded by life-like holograms as they make their way through a fairytale land. This powerful imagery is changing the way content is consumed and building a greater connection between the audience and the artist.

Adding Virtual Actors

Holographic content created with PepperScrim can also be used to add virtual actors to a scene or virtual presenters to a show. This is a great option for productions in which acting talent is required for specific scenes, but only for a short period of time. Instead of having the actor involved in each production, PepperScrim can be used to present a virtual representation of the actor on stage. To the audience, the actor will appear completely real. This gives the lighting design team and the directors a greater level of creative license when choosing how to tell a story and present their content to the world.

The Many Benefits of PepperScrim

Now you know a little more about how PepperScrim can be used and the value of the material within your productions. So let’s talk a little more about the benefits of PepperScrim compared to some of the other materials in the marketplace today. The benefits of PepperScrim include:

  • Lightweight and Foldable

    For those with travelling productions that require a team of professionals to pack their materials and transport them from venue to venue, the lightweight and foldable value of PepperScrim is essential. This means that PepperScrim doesn’t require significant transportation considerations. The material can simply be packed as with other materials and then taken to the next venue. Because it’s lightweight, PepperScrim can also be carried by one person in a carrying case, thereby limiting the need for a large team of technicians to move the product and put it into place.

  • Vertical Screen

    The design of PepperScrim also means that production teams have more space to work with on-stage when working with the material. Unlike other holographic systems, PepperScrim is designed to be used vertically, limiting the need for large amounts of stage space. You can simply add the layer to the front of the stage at a 45-degree angle to the audience to achieve the full effect. This gives you several meters behind the material to work with in creating your production content.

  • Simple Setup Process

    One of the foremost challenges associated with holographic systems is that the setup time can take away from the value the system provides in terms of content. But PepperScrim has been designed with limited setup time. Teams simply have to attach it to the truss, lighting bar, or frame, and then tension the material. They are then ready to begin projecting content onto the gauze to delight their audience.

  • Unparalleled Effects

    One of the reasons the leading production companies across the entertainment industry are now working with PepperScrim is that the material can be used to create truly unparalleled effects that the average audience member has never before seen on-stage. The holograms created by the system look real and the way in which the artist interacts with the holograms makes it appear as if a tangible connection is being made. This will add clear value to any production and can help to immerse audiences of all ages in the production.

This is an example of the exceptional innovations being made in the world of holographics. PepperScrim is captivating audiences and giving lighting and production teams more freedom to create truly memorable performances. To learn more about PepperScrim and its benefits for your upcoming productions, give the team at Freeman AV a call today!

The Benefits of LG Video Walls for Business

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Video walls are now used to present commercial material across a range of environments. From trade shows to product unveilings, video walls have quickly become one of the best ways to engage audiences and provide comprehensive information in an entertaining format. In this new post, our team explores the value LG video walls can bring to your business and its upcoming events.

Ultra-Thin Bezel

The ultra-thin .044 mm even bezel used within LG video walls makes all content pop on the screen and provides a life-like appeal that will transfix audiences. One of the reasons video walls are used throughout the entertainment industry is that the ultra-thin bezel makes the content appear without any distortions to the original image, helping to completely immerse the audience in the content.

Wider Viewing Angles

Across an environment such as a trade show floor, it often becomes important for businesses to captivate audiences at unique angles to the content. If the content cannot reach this audience, then the value of the screen is limited. However, those using LG video walls for their business can now achieve exceptionally wide viewing angles. The use of the LG IPS panel technology helps ensure content can be viewed more easily from all viewing angles, capturing greater attention at events.

Higher Viewing Angles

The need to present content across higher viewing angles is also critical for many business events. For example, a company unveiling their new product as part of an event at an auditorium will require those in the box seats to have just as good a view of the content as those in the orchestra seating level. The latest video walls from LG present crystal clear content to each member of the audience, with higher viewing angles limiting the distortion to those seeing the content from above.

High Scalability

One of the great advantages of the latest LG video walls is they can give software developers the chance to produce their own content for display at events. The built-in WebOS smart signage platform helps products such as the 55SVH7E execute various tasks at once, ensuring that software teams have complete control over the scale and style of the content showcased. In addition, the content can be produced without the need for an additional media player, simplifying the process of showcasing content for event management teams and those in control of the video wall on event day.

Reduced Image Gap

Perhaps one of the most common gripes associated with video walls is the black lines that separate the various boxes forming the wall. These black lines can interrupt the view of the audience and may take away from the return on investment of the content producer. The latest video walls from LG work to limit this issue with a reduced image gap. Working with an image improvement algorithm reduces the gaps between the tiled displays when video playback is in process. The audience sees a cleaner image that resonates with them.

Consistent Colour Expression

Another common issue associated with video walls is the lack of a uniform and consistent colour throughout the entire display. In some walls, the sides of the tiles bleed colour, which leads to a darker appearance around the edges, and limits the quality of the finished product. But the latest LG video walls are designed for consistent colour expression. The video walls display vivid colours, even in the corner space near the bevels, ensuring that promotional content is crisp, clear, and well-received.

Content Flexibility

One of the reasons many are now choosing LG video walls is that the systems provide true content flexibility. Teams can display various styles of content at the same time on screen. For businesses presenting related content, material such as graphs and charts can be shown alongside video at events to show the progress the company is making within the industry, while also highlighting product features. Companies can also choose to stream content in real-time to their video walls, keeping audiences at the leading edge of developments.

User-Friendly Menus

Presenters operating the video wall have to be given full control at the event. This is achieved by adopting user-friendly menus that can easily be utilized while the event is ongoing. Similar actions are grouped together within the unit so that presenters know where to go within the menus without interrupting the presentation.

Simple Adjustment

A leading challenge for those creating presentations for a large audience is adjusting pictures so the images can be optimized for all viewers. A great advantage of the LG video wall is that the system is designed for simple colour and white balance adjustment. The latest systems allow for full grey-scale level adjustment to the white balance so that colours are blended more effectively within the content.

Why Turn to Freeman AV for LG Video Walls?

It’s clear that LG video walls represent the next innovation in the video presentation marketplace. Our team at Freeman AV are leading this industry and providing our clients across the market with a range of options designed to help respond to their unique demands. Below are several reasons to turn to our company for your LG video walls:

  • Experience

Our experience in the industry means we can provide you with the best video wall system for your event. We can work with you to assess your requirements and choose systems that fit with your event objectives and your budgetary parameters.

  • Technology

Our understanding of the latest technology means you can impress all audiences with the video walls offered through our team. We can help you to set up your displays within any venue and ensure your presenting team has a clear understanding of the technology’s functionality.

  • Support

We’ll be with you throughout your events to support you in using the video wall. If you have any questions about your system’s performance, you can turn to us at any time for answers. It’s a level of support that ensures the success of your events.

To learn more about Freeman AV and our company’s services, call us today.