CES 2015: (Cool New) Technology Coming Soon to an Event Near You

Ahh, the time has come to make that annual pilgrimage to that technological mecca known as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)! CES is the world’s largest trade show for consumer technology and the largest annual trade show in the United States.

2015 was the largest in its history, with 3,600 exhibitors and 170,000 professional/industry attendees. For Freeman, as the premier industry provider of expositions, conventions and exhibits, the opportunity to partner with the Consumer Electronic Association for the delivery of a show of this magnitude was very well showcased.

Both as a Freeman Employee and general technology enthusiast (i.e. Geek), I enjoy having the opportunity to visit the show as an attendee and take in the overwhelming display of high-tech innovations companies bring each year. As we’ve seen in recent years, the future of technology is always “right around the corner,” and I would like to share not only the ‘cool’ tech I saw, but also provide some context around the opportunities to bring these technologies to the events industry.