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Ways to Creatively Engage Your Audience

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You’re planning a large-scale event and have put so much time and energy into making it memorable. The last thing you want is for your audience to be unengaged and walk away underwhelmed and unimpressed. Thinking creatively and outside of the box is always the best way to go.Take a look at some fun ideas to create lasting event experiences.

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Prior to the event, creating a buzz and having lots of publicity is essential. You want people to be excited to attend, and for others to see this hype, and get on board as well. Giving people an unforgettable taste of what they can expect will screens circling globehave them amped up before the scheduled date. Video mapping is a tool you can use to promote an event (or anything, for that matter) on a grand scale. Custom designs, logos and moving images can beprojected onto buildings and structures for a monumental effect that leaves a lasting impression.

Personalized Fare:

While this may not exactly be techy, personalized food and treats is always a fun, memorable method of branding your event. A new creation is the Ice Pop Generator which can create customized ice treats and lollies via a form of 3D printing– everything from a logo, a face or an image can be put onto these edible wonders! Your guests will really feel like breaking the ice with this one 😉

Customized Mobile Apps:

Integrating a mobile app into your event is kind of like giving your attendees their own personal event guides. Accessed young professionlson their personal mobile devices, mobile apps allow you to make various information—like event agendas, facility logistics, speaker profile, and much more—readily available. What’s more, you can integrate social networking to promote peer-to-peer communication.

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Freeman Audio Visual Canada Partners with MyEventApps to Provide Simple, Cost-Saving, Revenue-Generating Mobile Event Apps to Customers

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Freeman Audio Visual Canada is pleased to announce its collaboration with MyEventApps to make its multifaceted event app solution available to Freeman Audio Visual Canada customers nationwide.

MyEventApps, a FaveQuest company, is a Canadian enterprise headquartered in Ottawa, ON, whose sole mission is to make it easy and affordable for event-based organizations to go mobile. Its turnkey, “don’t-lift-a-finger,” service delivers branded event apps based on a predictable and affordable yearly license fee. The apps include a comprehensive set of features, like agendas, speaker profiles, exhibitor profiles, social media and photo contests, and boasts several additional enhancements, such as an itinerary builder, GPS maps with directions, delegate connect (messaging and contact exchange) and event website integration (avoiding double data entry).

myeventapps logo“Remember when the web took off and decision makers had to be convinced that they really needed this ‘new technology’ called a website? It is hard to imagine that now,” said Allan Isfan, CEO of MyEventApps. “The same is happening with mobile; in fact, people download 100 million apps per day. Meeting professionals need apps to facilitate their events—their attendees have come to expect it.”

Freeman Audio Visual Canada chose MyEventApps as the ideal solution for its customer base because of its performance, ease-of-use, affordability and white-glove service–MyEventApps does everything from assigning a project manager to each app, developing custom graphics and performing all data entry, testing and uploading to the app stores. In addition, the company’s process of helping customers to incorporate sponsors and generate profits directly from the app proved to be a critical factor in Freeman Audio Visual Canada’s decision.

Print“We evaluated several mobile event apps based on what our clients have told us they require from a technology provider, which includes solutions that are innovative, engaging, affordable and easy to implement,” said Derek Anderson, Director of Freeman Audio Visual Canada Digital Services. “MyEventApps creates full-featured and fully-supported customized mobile apps that have proven to be a hit with customers and sponsors alike, and we are thrilled to integrate MyEventApps into our exclusive range of digital solution offerings.”


Freeman audiovisuel Canada s’associe avec MyEventApps pour fournir aux clients d’évènements des applications mobiles simples et économiques pouvant générer des revenus

Freeman audiovisuel Canada est heureuse d’annoncer sa collaboration avec MyEventApps afin d’offrir sa solution d’application mobile aux multiples facettes à la disposition des clients de Freeman audiovisuel Canada dans tout le pays.

MyEventApps, une compagnie de FaveQuest, est une entreprise canadienne dont le siège social se trouve à Ottawa, en Ontario, et dont la seule mission est de rendre simple et abordable pour les organismes axés sur les événements de passer à l’ère « mobile ». Son service clé en main, « sans-lever-le-petit-doigt », offre des applications d’événement à l’image de votre marque avec un simple droit de licence annuel prévisible et abordable. Les applications proposent un ensemble complet de fonctionnalités, telles qu’agenda, profils de conférenciers, profils d’exposants, médias sociaux et concours photo et bénéficie de plusieurs atouts supplémentaires, comme un générateur d’itinéraire, carte avec directions GPS, connections entre délégués (échange de messagerie et de contacts) et l’intégration du site web de l’événement (évitant la double saisie).

« Rappelez-vous lorsque le web a débuté et les décideurs devaient être persuadés d’avoir vraiment besoin de cette “nouvelle technologie” appelée un site Web? Il est difficile d’imaginer cela maintenant, » explique Allan Isfan, CEO de MyEventApps. « Il se passe maintenant la même chose avec le mobile; » en fait, les gens téléchargent 100 millions d’applications par jour. Les professionnels du domaine de l’évènement ont besoin d’applications pour faciliter leurs événements ; les participants s’y attendent. »

Freeman audiovisuel Canada a choisi MyEventApps comme solution idéale pour sa clientèle en raison de sa performance, de sa facilité d’utilisation, de son abordabilité et son service haut de gamme – MyEventApps s’occupe aussi bien d’assigner un gestionnaire de projet pour chaque application que de développer des graphiques personnalisés ou d’effectuer les entrées de données, des tests et le téléchargement sur l’App Store. De plus, le mécanisme qu’a l’entreprise pour aider les clients à intégrer des commanditaires et générer des profits directement depuis l’application s’est avéré être un facteur déterminant dans la décision de Freeman audiovisuel Canada.

« Nous avons évalué plusieurs applications mobiles pour événements en tenant compte des besoins de nos clients envers un fournisseur de technologie et ceux-ci incluent des solutions innovantes, engageante, abordable et facile à mettre en œuvre, », a déclaré Derek Anderson, directeur des Services numériques chez Freeman audiovisuel Canada. « MyEventApps crée des applications mobiles personnalisées complètes et entièrement supportées qui se sont révélées être un succès autant auprès des clients que des commanditaires et nous sommes très heureux d’intégrer MyEventApps à notre gamme exclusive d’offres de solutions numériques. »

Corbin Ball lists the Top 5 Ways to Engage with Mobile

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You have heard it before—mobile is huge. And it is not just because there will be more mobile devices than there are people by the end of 2013. Or that smartphones and mobile apps are more popular than the Internet. Mobile is huge because it impacts how we search for information and make decisions. It influences where we go and what we do. We are so engrossed in our smartphones because we have come to rely on them beyond their basic functions.

Digital Social NetParty in Toronto

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A handful of enthusiastic association execs and meeting professionals had the opportunity to experience an authentic digitally-and-socially enhanced event earlier this month at the International Sites and Spills Expo.

Thanks to Business Information Group, which graciously opened up its conference and trade show to AVW-TELAV, Freeman and Toronto International Centre customers, our special guests learned how easy it really is to incorporate social media and digital technologies into their own events.

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The Ultimate Mobile Application for Events, Conferences and Trade Shows Released by AVW-TELAV

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AVW-TELAV is breaking new ground in the events, conferences and tradeshow industry with the release of its new mobile engagement solution, AT ConnEx. Enhancing all aspects of communications associated with an event, AT ConnEx allows meeting planners to have basic types of information—like event agendas, facility logistics, and speaker profiles—available on their attendees’ mobile smart phones.  AT ConnEx has all the best advantages of digital signage, plus as an added bonus, attendees have their own personal displays at the tips of their fingers.

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The Globe and Mail explores: Will tablets replace handhelds?

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Smaller than a laptop, faster than a BlackBerry, able to connect to networks in a single bound! Tablet computers are all the rage now, with the release of the next generation iPad sure to increase the fever, but are they muscling out old technology or just adding to the load we already carry?

Is there one big enough to display movies or work documents like a laptop or netbook, yet small enough to be portable like a smartphone?

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