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How One Young Professional Found a Career in AV

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InfoComm International shares the story of one young American man’s successful career path in AV. Article by Cindy Davis, Special to InfoComm International®

A young man graduates from high school. He doesn’t have a career in mind, but he’s highly motivated and lands a job. Only the economy is bad, so he gets laid off, then lands another job, only to be laid off again. Rewind, replay, pause.

Then the young man gets a call from someone who tells him he could get paid to learn a highly marketable skill, find his passion and potentially land a job at a Fortune 500 company. Meet Washington, D.C., native Travis Hopkins.

The call was from the D.C. branch of Year Up, a nonprofit workforce development organization that attempts to identify the skill sets needed to fill entry-level positions in certain cities and provide fresh opportunities to young people. Year Up had determined that the Washington area faced a shortage of qualified candidates to fill entry-level audiovisual and IT jobs.

Figuring he had nothing to lose, Hopkins agreed to hear them out.  “They played a video of a couple who went through the program. He had started out with a rough life and he was now working for the World Bank,” says Hopkins. “It was one of those, ‘ah-ha’ moments. Why not me?”

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InfoComm discusses the future of wireless audio

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By Dan Daley ~ Source: InfoComm International®

You’re sitting in the dentist’s chair, but just before he steps on the pedal to start drilling, he says, “I need to change out this bit; it’ll just take a couple of minutes.” You’re slightly relieved that the pain’s been be delayed, but you know full well that sooner or later, it’s going to hurt — and you may not know how much until it’s over.

That’s kind of what wireless pro audio users and manufacturers have been going through for the past year. The Federal Communications Commission’s spectrum incentive auction — a reverse auction that will pay broadcasters to vacate their wireless channels from funds generated by a regular auction in which companies like AT&T, Verizon and Google will bid for that soon-to-be-vacated airwaves — has been pushed back to sometime in 2016, from mid-2015. It’s the second such delay for this event. The actual amount of spectrum that will be reallocated — and exactly which frequency bands — won’t be known until the auction is completed.

This most recent delay was precipitated by a lawsuit from the National Association of Broadcasters, which asserts the auction will hurt stations that choose to keep the spectrum they license. Broadcasters represent one of many stakeholder communities interested in the outcome.

But the outcome for live-event production is intertwined with that of broadcasters asked to give up their airwaves. That’s because professional wireless microphones transmit in locally vacant TV channels, commonly referred to as white space channels, primarily in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range. And not knowing what to expect has many expecting the worst.

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AV Month 2014: Celebrating our Technical Support Teams

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AV Month Oct 2014_OLEach year during October, the audio visual community unites to celebrate, promote and share the AV industry with the world. Established by InfoComm International—the trade association representing the audio visual and information communications industries worldwide—AV Month is an international event which is held:

• to promote acknowledgement and the prevalence of AV in our lives
• to increase awareness of the exciting career opportunities available in the audio visual industry
• to educate the public about the value of AV to inform, inspire, and save lives

After a technically-flawless event, the complimentary pats don’t always extend far enough to reach the backs of our support crews that work—sometimes in the most unbelievable circumstances—to bring our customers’ visions to fruition. That’s why throughout this entire month, leads on events and members of our management team will be making their way to branches, satellite offices and venues across the country to celebrate AV Month with our frontline folks and show them know how much they’re appreciated.

If you see an AV technician this week, why not stop for a moment and shake his or her hand. These are the hands that bring your events to life!

Happy AV Month, Everyone!


avmonth2014fMois de l’audiovisuel : Célébrons nos équipes techniques

Chaque année, en octobre, la communauté de l’audiovisuel s’unit pour parler de l’industrie, la célébrer et en faire la promotion partout dans le monde. Instauré par InfoComm International, l’association mondiale des professionnels de la communication audiovisuelle et de l’information, ce Mois de l’audiovisuel est un événement international qui vise à :
• faire connaître l’importance de l’audiovisuel dans nos vies;
• sensibiliser les jeunes aux possibilités de carrière excitantes offertes par cette industrie;
• éduquer le public au sujet de l’importance de l’audiovisuel pour informer, enrichir et sauver des vies.

Après un événement impeccable sur le plan technique, les éloges ne se rendent pas toujours jusqu’aux équipes de soutien qui travaillent – parfois dans des circonstances carrément inconcevables – pour concrétiser la vision de nos clients. C’est pourquoi durant tout le mois les responsables d’événement et les membres de l’équipe de gestion visiteront les succursales, les bureaux satellites et les lieux de réunion dans tout le pays afin de célébrer le Mois de l’audiovisuel avec ces personnes en première ligne et leur signifier toute notre reconnaissance.

Si vous rencontrez un technicien en octobre, arrêtez-vous un moment pour lui serrer la main. Ce sont eux qui donnent vie à vos événements !

Bon Mois de l’audiovisuel à tous !

Freeman Audio Visual Canada Wins 2014 InfoComm Sustainable Technology Award

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Freeman CEO Joe Popolo, Jr. and Freeman Audio Visual Canada President Johanne Bélanger at InfoComm14

Freeman CEO Joe Popolo, Jr. and Freeman Audio Visual Canada President Johanne Bélanger at InfoComm14

Freeman Audio Visual Canada Wins 2014 InfoComm Sustainable Technology Award

Freeman Audio Visual Canada is proud to announce that it has been awarded the 2014 InfoComm Sustainable Technology Award (formerly Green AV Award) for its contributions to the AV industry and its focus on sustainability. This marks the company’s second time winning the award after its first win in 2010.

“It is immensely rewarding to see the sustainability efforts of our employees at every level recognized in such a meaningful way by the trade association that represents the professional audio visual and information communications industries worldwide,” said Johanne Bélanger, President of Freeman Audio Visual Canada and InfoComm International’s Board of Directors.

InfoComm International honours member companies who have distinguished themselves in their sustainability efforts, making an extraordinary contribution to the AV industry with these pursuits. This award calls attention to the people who have taken a lead in adopting green measures whether in the manufacturing of products, the design, programming, or integration of AV systems, the staging of events, or the implementation of sustainable initiatives in the workplace.

“Freeman Audio Visual Canada has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability principles,” said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. “This company sets a high standard for corporate stewardship that elevates the stature of the AV industry, and we are grateful for their leadership.”


Freeman audiovisuel Canada remporte le Prix de technologie durable 2014 de InfoComm

Freeman audiovisuel Canada est fière d’annoncer qu’elle a reçu le prix de technologie durable 2014 (anciennement appelé « Green AV Award ») d’InfoComm pour sa contribution à l’industrie de l’audiovisuel et son attention à la durabilité. Après sa première victoire en 2010, l’entreprise remporte maintenant le prix pour la seconde fois.

“Il est immensément gratifiant de voir que tous les efforts de développement durable de nos employés à tous les niveaux sont reconnus de manière significative par l’association professionnelle représentant les professionnel de l’audiovisuel et de l’industrie des communications dans le monde entier,” commente Johanne Bélanger, Présidente de Freeman audiovisuel Canada et du conseil d’administration d’InfoComm International.

InfoComm International rend hommage aux compagnies membres qui se sont illustrées par leurs efforts de développement durable et qui contribuent largement à l’industrie de l’audiovisuel avec ses activités. Ce prix met en lumière les personnes qui ont pris l’initiative en adoptant des mesures écologiques que ce soit dans la fabrication des produits, la conception, la programmation ou l’intégration de systèmes audiovisuels, la mise en scène d’événements ou la mise en œuvre d’initiatives durables en milieu de travail.

« Freeman audiovisuel Canada a démontré un solide engagement envers les principes de développement durable, » a déclaré David Labuskes, CTS, DEDC, directeur général et PDG, InfoComm International. « Cette société définit des normes élevées pour la gestion d’entreprise qui élève la stature de l’industrie de l’audiovisuel, et nous sommes reconnaissants pour leur leadership ».

InfoComm Celebrates 75 Years With New Board & Major IT Sponsor

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As InfoComm International’s board of directors settle into their new roles and planning for the 2014 InfoComm Show gets into full gear, the organization’s executive and members are also celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Established in 1939, InfoComm has grown from a small room of educational technologists into a 5,000-member-strong association that includes manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, independent consultants, programmers, rental and staging companies, end users, and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries.

Leading InfoComm into this milestone year is Board of Directors President Johanne Bélanger, who is also president of Canadian firm Freeman Audio Visual (formerly AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions). Bélanger, along with the rest of the 2014 InfoComm board of directors, assumed her new role on Jan. 1.

Bélanger, who has previously served as InfoComm’s secretary treasurer and president-elect, comments, “The past five years leading up to this commencement have given me the opportunity to gain much deeper insight into the composition and concerns of InfoComm International’s multifaceted global membership, while leading efforts to standardize practices as a representative of the rental and staging industry segment. I am honoured to step into the role of president and, with the support of my fellow board members, continue to enhance the quality and capacity of the association’s educational offerings, resources and events.”

As well, InfoComm has also announced that for the first time, Microsoft will be a platinum sponsor and occupy a significant exhibit at the 2014 InfoComm Show in Las Vegas, NV from June 18-20.

For more show information as it becomes available, go to For more association information, contact InfoComm International: 703-273-7200,

Article source: Professional Sound Magazine, February 2014

AVW-TELAV President elected President of InfoComm International ~ La présidente de AVW-TELAV élue à la présidence de InfoComm International

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AVW-TELAV President elected President of InfoComm International

AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions is pleased to announce that company President Johanne Bélanger will become the next President of InfoComm International’s Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2014. InfoComm International is the association representing the commercial audio visual industry worldwide.

Since being appointed to serve on InfoComm International’s Board of Directors in 2009, Bélanger has fulfilled the role of Secretary Treasurer and President-Elect and has been actively involved in promoting and serving the professional AV communications industry. As president of AVW-TELAV—one of the leading audio visual companies in Canada—since 2005, she also sits on the Audio Visual Board of Directors of AVW-TELAV’s parent company, Freeman— the leading global partner for integrated experiential marketing solutions for live engagements. In addition, she is currently serving a two-year term as Chair of Tourism Toronto’s Board.

“The past five years leading up to this commencement have given me the opportunity to gain much deeper insight into the composition and concerns of InfoComm International’s multifaceted global membership, while leading efforts to standardize practices as a representative of the rental and staging industry segment.” said Bélanger. “I am honoured to step into the role of president and, with the support of my fellow board members, continue to enhance the quality and capacity of the association’s educational offerings, resources and events.”

InfoComm International Executive Director and CEO David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD praised Bélanger’s service on the InfoComm Board of Directors. “Johanne Bélanger’s keen business acumen, executive experience and an extraordinary level of commitment to industry service have made her an asset to the InfoComm membership, and we look forward to her continued involvement as President of the Board,” said Labuskes.

About InfoComm International

Established in 1939, InfoComm has more than 5,000 members, including manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, independent consultants, programmers, rental and staging companies, end-users and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries. From offices around the world, InfoComm serves its members and the industry through education, including technical and business courses, in the classroom and online; resources, such as AV standards, thought pieces and market research; and events, including local roundtables and international trade shows. Visit for more information.

About AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions

AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions connects people in meaningful ways by enhancing the power of meetings, conventions, special events and trade shows through leading-edge presentation technology solutions. With dedicated, state-of-the-art inventory in every province and all major cities coast to coast, AVW-TELAV provides a full range of services to support the modern meeting environment, including creative and digital services, virtual meeting technology, social media engagement tools and mobile-app event solutions.

The company has received numerous awards recognizing its outstanding efforts in technical support and staging, corporate social responsibility, environmental leadership, customer-service excellence and customer-driven partnerships. Together with its customers and partners, AVW-TELAV will transform, grow and extend the world of live engagements throughout North America. AVW-TELAV is one of the Freeman companies.  For more information, visit

About Freeman

Founded in 1927, Freeman is the leading global partner for integrated experiential marketing solutions for live engagements including expositions, conventions, corporate events and exhibits. Headquartered in Dallas, with over 70 offices in North America and the U.K., Freeman produces more than 4,300 expositions annually, including 135 of the 250 largest U.S. trade shows, and 11,000 other events worldwide. Customer-driven, Freeman offers a total package of solutions, with a scope of products and services unmatched by the competition. An employee-owned company, Freeman places an emphasis on respect for people and providing unparalleled customer service. Freeman has received numerous trade show industry awards for excellence in leadership, creative design, community service, innovation and customer-driven partnerships. For more information, visit


La présidente de AVW-TELAV élue à la présidence de InfoComm International

AVW-TELAV, Solutions audiovisuelles, est heureuse d’annoncer que sa présidente, Johanne Bélanger, a été nommée à titre de présidente au conseil d’administration d’InfoComm International à compter du 1er janvier 2014. InfoComm International® est l’association représentant l’industrie audiovisuelle mondialement.

Depuis sa nomination au conseil d’administration d’InfoComm International en 2009, madame Bélanger a exercé le rôle de secrétaire-trésorière et présidente désignée, et s’est impliquée activement à promouvoir et à desservir le marché des communications audiovisuelles professionnelles. Présidente depuis 2005 de AVW-TELAV, une des principales entreprises audiovisuelles au Canada, elle siège également au conseil d’administration de la division audiovisuelle de sa société mère Freeman, partenaire global principal de solutions de marketing évènementiel intégrées pour événements devant public. De plus, elle sert un mandat de deux ans en tant que directrice du conseil d’administration de Tourism Toronto.

« Les cinq dernières années qui ont mené à ce poste m’ont donné l’occasion d’approfondir ma vision de la composition et des préoccupations de la communauté polyvalente globale d’InfoComm International, tout en menant les efforts pour standardiser les pratiques en tant que représentante du secteur de l’industrie de la location et de la scénographie », déclare madame Belanger. « Je suis honorée de prendre la fonction de présidente et, avec le soutien de mes confrères membres du conseil, continuerai d’améliorer la qualité et la capacité des offres éducationnelles, des ressources et des événements de l’association.

Le directeur général et PDG d’InfoComm International, David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, a louangé les services de madame Bélanger au Conseil d’administration d’InfoComm. “Le sens aiguisé des affaires de Johanne Bélanger, son expérience au niveau de la direction et un extraordinaire niveau d’engagement au service de l’industrie ont fait d’elle un atout pour les membres d’InfoComm, et nous attendons avec impatience son implication continue en tant que présidente du conseil, a déclaré monsieur Labuskes.

À propos d’InfoComm International

Fondée en 1939, InfoComm International compte plus de 5 000 membres, y compris fabricants, intégrateurs de systèmes, marchands et distributeurs, consultants indépendants, programmeurs, entreprises de location et d’organisation d’événements, utilisateurs finaux et professionnels en multimédia provenant de plus de 80 pays. Depuis leurs bureaux à travers le monde, InfoComm dessert ses membres et l’industrie par le biais de l’éducation, incluant les formations techniques et d’affaires aussi bien en classe qu’en ligne; des ressources, telles que des standards AV, travaux de réflexion et études de marché; ainsi que des événements, y compris les tables rondes locales et les salons professionnels internationaux. Visitez pour plus d’information.

À propos de AVW-TELAV, Solutions audiovisuelles

AVW-TELAV Solutions audiovisuelles créée des liens significatifs entre les gens en enrichissant le potentiel des réunions, des congrès, des évènements spéciaux et des salons professionnels au moyen de solutions de présentations à la fine pointe de la technologie. Avec des stocks ultramodernes consacrés dans chaque province et dans les grandes villes à travers le Canada, AVW-TELAV offre une gamme complète de services de soutien pour les différents environnements modernes de réunions. Cette gamme inclut les services créatifs et numériques, la technologie virtuelle de réunion, les outils de médias sociaux et les applications mobiles de solutions d’évènements.

De nombreux prix ont été décernés à l’entreprise afin de reconnaitre ses efforts remarquables à plusieurs niveaux, dont le soutien technique, la scénographie, la responsabilité sociale d’entreprise, l’initiative environnementale, l’excellence du service à la clientèle ainsi que ses partenariats centrés sur sa clientèle. De concert avec ses clients et ses partenaires, AVW-TELAV transforme, fait grandir et approfondit l’univers de l’engagement participatif en Amérique du Nord. AVW-TELAV fait partie des compagnies Freeman. Pour plus d’information, visitez

À propos de Freeman

Fondé en 1927, Freeman est le partenaire mondial principal de solutions intégrées de marketing expérientiel pour événement devant public, incluant expositions, congrès, événements d’entreprises et salons. Basée à Dallas, avec plus de 70 bureaux en Amérique du Nord et au Royaume-Uni, Freeman produit plus de 4 300 expositions par an, dont 135 des 250 plus grandes foires commerciales des États-Unis et 11 000 autres événements dans le monde entier. Axée sur le client, Freeman vous propose un ensemble de solutions, avec une étendue de produits et de services inégalés par la concurrence. Une compagnie appartenant aux employés, Freeman met l’accent sur le respect des personnes et offrir un service à la clientèle sans pareil. Freeman a reçu de nombreux prix de l’industrie des salons professionnels pour son excellence en leadership, son design créatif, ses services envers la communauté, son innovation et ses partenariats axés sur le client. Pour plus d’informations, visitez



AV Week 2013: Celebrating our Technical Support Teams

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In the rental and staging sector of the AV industry, it’s not the men and women with fancy titles and expensive suits that make the magic happen at your events. AVW-TELAV’s technical support teams are not only our frontline folks; they’re the backbone of our business. Of AVW-TELAV’s 700+ employees, more than half are Technical Services Representatives, Technical Services Coordinators, Technical Services Directors, Technical Services Managers, Warehouse and Repairs staff. For this reason, our company is observing AV Week 2013 as a celebration of our Technical Support Teams!

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