AVW-TELAV & Freeman collaborate with RP Dynamics to ensure “money mic” performance at Microsoft WPC

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Last summer, nearly 17,000 high-tech entrepreneurs gathered in Toronto for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, an annual gathering for the thousands of associated businesses built on the foundations of Microsoft technology. To guarantee that the software giant’s top executives would be heard clearly and without interruption, regardless of where they wandered in the RF-drenched Metro Toronto Convention Centre, they were equipped with a portable Shure Axient wireless system at each of their appearances.

“When working with corporate CEOs and other VIPs, Axient is a must-have system for the money mics, the ones that simply cannot fail,” says John E.A. Christie, Wireless and Broadcast Specialist for Mississauga, Ontario-based RP Dynamics, Inc.

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Technology Update: Wireless Microphone Technology: Dealing with Wireless (RF) interference

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The cell phone is a great example of the evolution of one of the most pervasive and reliable wireless audio devices around. BUT, even with such a refined technology, we still get the occasional interference, noise and dropped calls. Much of the interference comes from external sources that we have absolutely no control over. These external noise sources are typically other wireless users nearby, reflections or interference from physical barriers (like walls) and noise radiating from other electronic equipment.

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