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AVW-TELAV VP Marketing Heidi Welker writes about uniting people with technology in Corporate Mtgs & Events mag

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Uniting people through technology:
Bridging the communication gap for a common cause

By Heidi Welker
When you’re in the business of uniting and engaging large groups of people from various walks of life in the same space, there are few tried-and-true methods you can bet your last buck on: scrumptious food, great entertainment and AV technology coupled with the right digital and presentation solutions.

Case in point: A leading provincial organization produced a breakthrough event, from which the organization will reap the benefits for several years. “Our clients still talk about what a great day it was and how we used innovative ways to bridge the distance of the province,” said the group’s transition manager.

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Elevate your message with Audience Response

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A business that understands the importance of the voices and opinions of staff and customers is a successful business. Modern-day event technologies can drastically enhance your ability to listen to stakeholders, and moreover, understand how you can serve them. No event technology does this with better precision than an Audience Response system.

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