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Social Media Management Tips for Conferences

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Running social for a conference is a TON of work, and the stakes are high. How a conference’s social team interacts with attendees can have a huge impact on their experience and memories of the event. A lot of planning is necessary and there are things you can do to make the process easier for both you and attendees.

I am going to break down some steps you can take if you are running social for a conference or an event that will include social interaction.

Before the Conference

There is a ton of social media prep work needed before a conference begins, and even before you start advertising for it. You essentially need to train your attendees, and potential attendees, on where and how to interact with you. You also have to make sure you provide them with lots of helpful information, and this means you have a lot of data to gather and schedules to create.

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Five Tips to Create a New Attendee Journey

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Published by on February 2, 2015

When educational content curators and space designers collaborate, the results can significantly elevate the attendee experience. During the Professional Convention Management Association’s (PCMA) annual Convening Leaders conference earlier this month, the Learning Lounge powered by Freeman showcased new educational and networking formats.

Event organizers can adapt many ideas from the design concepts of the Learning Lounge or bring selected elements to the tradeshow floor. Consider these five experience design tips to chart a new attendee journey at events of any size in any industry.

  1. Optimize important issues. New this year, PCMA aligned its educational tracks with defined zones of the Learning Lounge using color graphics online and onsite to guide attendees. Most association and corporate events have critical industry issues so extend those topics to expo floor or create new spaces for interaction with thought leaders and industry peers. “I really enjoyed the interactive format and networking-friendly atmosphere of that whole area,” observed Laure Chachere, Director, Client Solutions, Freeman.
  2. Establish a destination. PCMA’s Learning Lounge was located in the main concourse connecting two separate spaces for the general sessions and lunches.

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What You Need to Plan an Event

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event planning


The job of an event planner has many opportunities for fun, sociability and creativity. While this may be true, a lot of little things go into event planning that are not noticed by those attending, but are crucial in making or breaking an event. If you’re new to event planning or have received the responsibility of putting together your company’s next meeting, we’re here to help ease some of your concerns. Whether you’re putting together a press conference, product launch, sales meeting, awards ceremony, or company-wide meeting, here’s a quick guide of the technical side of meeting planning, so you can focus on the fun stuff!

When planning your event, whether it’s small-scale or large, having visual stimulation that compliments your company’s brand and makes a lasting impression is key. Think about creating a backdrop that draws attention to your speakers and looks great for photos. Custom sets are definitely a good option, depending on your time constraints. They help tie the theme of the event together and generate excitement amongst those attending.

Based on the nature of your event, video could be something required, or a great added plus. For pre-event promotion, on-site presentations and archived content, video serves a great purpose. Ensuring your videographer is of high quality and professionalism is important, as the after-experience is just as meaningful as what happens during the event. Having the option to choose from different digital video recording formats is helpful and saves you time after the event.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. To make speakers the main focal point, produce better-quality photos and videos, and create the right atmosphere, lighting is a main component. Having the choice of different lighting systems, from environmentally-friendly to coloured and moving options, set the tone for your event.

Live events can be broadcasted to any corner of the world, and your audience reach can be that much bigger with webcasting. Keeping this in mind, choose a webcaster that can give you the optimal viewing capability for your needs, as you want your event to go smoothly for those seated in front of you, as well as those on a computer or mobile device.

Projection is just as important as lighting when it comes to a live event. Your entire presentation must be visible to those in the audience, and having a projection screen that allows for maximum viewing is essential and can add great stimulation to the crowd. Think about graphics, animations, and video clips to ensure your message is put across in the best way possible.

Freeman Audio Visual Canada has all the solutions you need in order to pull off a fantastic event. Contact us for quotes, information, or ideas on how to create your best event yet.

5 Tips to Nail Your Next Presentation

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microphone at an event

Whether you’re giving a talk to a few people, or a few hundred, presentations and public speaking can be nerve-wracking. The pressure to give a great presentation can be overwhelming; however, it is not just inexperienced speakers that are at risk for giving a dull presentation. Even seasoned public speakers can give boring, uninspiring talks.

Whether you’re nervous for an upcoming talk, or you’re an experienced speaker looking to better connect with your audience, consider the following tips:

Know your material

No matter how much planning you put into ensuring your presentation runs smoothly, sometimes unforeseen issues can arise. Maybe you forget your cue cards at home, or perhaps you forgot to bring along your visual aids. By knowing your material inside and out, you can get through a presentation no matter what issues may arise. This will also help you nail the question period at the end of your talk.

Move around!

If you’ve ever seen a truly captivating presentation, you may have noticed that the speaker made use of the entire stage. Sometimes you may be confined to a podium, but even by using simple hand gestures and eye contact effectively, you can significantly increase and maintain the attention of your audience.

Practice, practice, practice

This not only refers to a specific speech leading up to an event, but also your speaking skills in general. If you’re uncomfortable with presentations, becoming a strong communicator may seem like an insurmountable goal, but remember this: public speaking is a skill, and just like any other skill, you will get better with practice. Strong public speakers might make it look easy, but make no mistake, there’s a lot of work that has gone into that skill behind the scenes. If you’re looking to get some extra practice in a low-pressure environment, consider joining a speaking club like Toastmasters.

Tell a story

Another great way to keep your audience engaged is by telling a story, or keeping a common theme throughout your talk. Your audience needs some degree of uniformity throughout your speech. A sporadic, unconnected speech is hard to follow, and will greatly hinder engagement. By simply wrapping up your speech with a strong conclusion, and touching back on the key points of your talk, your audience will have a clear takeaway and (hopefully) feel like they learned something useful.

Use strong audio visual techniques

Making use of professional AV solutions can make a huge difference in the engagement and success of your presentation. Simple things like complimentary lighting, reliable computer and network services, and audience response tools can really set your presentation apart.

At Freeman Audio Visual, we provide audio visual solutions for events of any size. Whether you need a custom stage built for a large-scale event, or a computer network set up for a business meeting or workshop, we can help. Check out our design gallery for some photos of what we can offer you, and if you already have a project in mind, contact us. We look forward to helping you create a truly engaging event!

FreemanXP Analyzes The New Event Audience

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Audiences are expecting more from you than ever before. Your B2B event does not exist in a separate world, apart from the customized, convenient, and technology-driven world in which we all live. Your audience expects the same engaging experience at your event as they get in an Apple store, on-demand at home, or at an entertainment venue. This will only increase over time as more and more brands sharpen the focus on the customer experience.

So what exactly are the audiences of today AND tomorrow going to look for in your event? We’ve grouped together insights from our collective work across the globe and across every industry, and streamlined audience expectation trends into a few actionable buckets…

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5 Truly Inspiring Public Speakers

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There are a select few public speakers in the world that are a cut above the rest. When it comes to delivering a truly inspiring message you need to have great speaking skills and a solid reputation. Here are five of the most inspiring public speakers speaking around the world today.

Speaker at Business Conference

  1. Tony Robbins: Tony Robbins is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world. The deep voiced, six-foot-seven giant has a strong understanding of the psychology of success and gives speeches on how others can accomplish their goals. His speeches have helped many to unlock their path to their success.
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger: This movie star and former politician also does public speaking related to the accomplishment of goals. Schwarzenegger has always believed strongly in himself. In his public speaking career he has detailed his methods for success and how they can be put into practice by anyone with a desire to succeed.
  3. Bill Gates: Microsoft CEO and business expert Bill Gates does a number of public speaking events, not only for the business world but also for charities. In his public speaking career he has worked to raise funds around the world as well as give advice to recent graduates, business owners, and those with a desire to change the world.
  4. Bill Clinton: Former president Bill Clinton is a big hit on the speaker circuit, and he regularly gives speeches for live audiences around the world. A passion for political reform, humanitarian causes such as AIDS and relief efforts in Haiti, and a willingness to share his own personal life make him another truly inspiring public speaker.
  5. Les Brown: With his catch phrase It’s possible, Les Brown speaks around the word sharing his stories for success and how others can follow their dreams. This inspirational speaker was declared mentally handicapped in public school, but by believing in his own abilities he has never been held back in life. His speeches will show you how to never give in to negativity and how to relentlessly pursue your goals.

Is it your turn to inspire others with your own experience and expertise? Freeman Audio Visual offers audio-visual solutions that will make you look great up there. If you’re gearing up for your next event, consider the expertise of Freeman Audio Visual. Contact us now to learn more or request a quote.

10 Things Meeting Planners Should Avoid When Engaging “Millennials”

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By Chris Cavanaugh

A quick tip sheet for experience marketers looking to attract Millennials

There has been a lot of buzz about the Millennials lately – from Time Magazine and Sixty Minutes, to Forbes and beyond. You’ve no doubt seen the numbers: 1.7 billion individuals worldwide with over 80 million strong in the U.S alone and approximately $100 billion in buying power. Millennials will dominate the workforce by 2020 and bring to the table a whole new set of rules and expectations. There has been much debate about how best to connect with this influential and illusive demographic, but one thing is clear: they will continue to change the way the world does business.

The experience marketing industry is no exception. As these 18-33 year olds rise in rank, they are poised to transform the events industry. The good news is that, unlike the generation before them, this is a lean forward generation: they often seek out and engage with your content and your live experiences – IF you get it right.

So in honor of the Millennial generation, I offer up a list of top ten things to avoid when planning your next meeting or event, so that you CAN get it right:

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Hijacking Emotion is the Key to Engaging your Audience

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“The default to emotion is part of the human condition.

To better appreciate the role of emotion and what it allows an audience to do, we need to take a brief detour into evolutionary biology. The human brain can be understood as three separate brains working in tandem, if not completely integrated with each other.

The primitive brain and the limbic brain collectively make up the limbic system, which governs emotion. Within the limbic system, there is a structure called the amygdala, which leaders need to understand…”

When the editors of Meetings in Progress come across an article that makes an impression on us, we like to share it with our readers. Click here to read a terrific article on truly engaging your audience members by tapping into their emotions.

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