Audio Visual for Your Next Event: 4 Tips For Success

Ironing out the audio visual (AV) component of an event can be stressful for even the most seasoned event planner. The following are 4 tips to ensure your next event’s AV is a success.

Have a Vision

Whether you draw out a storyboard like an advertising executive or simply have an idea in your head, having a vision of how your event will play out is key. This vision should include the event’s content and cues, as well as themes and imagery–all of which will have a big influence on your AV needs. However, remember to be somewhat flexible and let your AV partner do what they do best. They will have trained professionals that know how to make your event spectacular based on your vision, venue, and budget.

And remember, you can reap benefits by thinking about post-event content distribution now as well. Capture high quality video recordings of your event, and you’ll have content you can leverage for years to come.

Know your budget

Knowing your budget from the outset is also essential. Your budget will influence the type of AV you can incorporate and the venue that will be appropriate. While you may not have the budget for a multi-million dollar production, advances in technology allow you to stretch your budget a lot further than ever before. Your AV partner will be able to recommend the best options for your budget.

If AV technology is like Greek to you, having a basic knowledge of how it works will help you understand what things cost and how to make your options more cost effective.

Engage your audience

Increased audience engagement will make your event more fun and interesting, as well as helping your audience retain information better. Make use of visuals to stimulate your audience, sounds to affect their emotion, and lighting to affect the mood of the venue. More advanced technology like live polling can be used for a unique interactive component to a presentation.

It’s also important to make your AV elements appeal specifically to your audience; a conference for Silicon Valley techies should be executed much differently than a conference for fitness enthusiasts.

Find the right AV Partner

Above all, make sure to find the right AV partner that will ensure your event’s AV is best in class. When courting potential partners, examine their history in presenting similar events, their history with your chosen venue, and their ability to give you a customized solution to fit your needs.

If all goes well with a chosen partner, consider building a strong relationship with them. Long-term AV partner relationships will give you piece of mind and make future events much easier to plan.

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