David Campbell

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Brian Farrell

Senior Vice President, Finance

Madeleine Bart

National Director, Creative + Innovation

Janet Bennett

Vice President, Venues

Mark Bullen

Vice President, Information Services

Steve Bury

Senior Vice President, Sales

Chuck Corrigan

National Director, Event Production

Fidel Hernandez

National Asset Control Manager

Heidi Welker

Senior Vice President Business Development & Industry Partnerships

Jay Lanchbury

Vice President Client Solutions

Chris Siedel

National Director, Strategic Partnerships

Bernard Carignan

Regional Director, Eastern Region/General Manager, Montreal

Jason Furst

Manager Operations & Facilities, Winnipeg

Serge Kijner

General Manager, Toronto

Dan McGrath

Branch Manager, London

Kevin MacKillop

General Manager, British Columbia Region

Shamus Page

Operations Manager, Saskatoon

Robert Pallen

Director of Event Technology

Romeo Loparco

Regional Director of Sales and Client Solutions Group

Adam Myhill

Director, Venues (South Western Ontario)

Helene Moberg

General Manager, Atlantic Canada

Andre Cantin

Director of Operations, Quebec City